About Me

A headshot of Janette with long red hair

Hello and welcome to the world of keto recipes, I’m Janette. If you know me, I am the resident redhead and publisher of Culinary Ginger.

I started Culinary Ginger in 2013 as a catalog to store my recipes that I love to create and it has turned into a successful website featuring all kinds of foods and cuisine. From British classics (because I am, in fact British) to Asian, Italian and my favorite Indian cuisines.

My love of types of food did not sit well with my body. I started to get acid/indigestion after eating breads and pastries. After cutting these out and trying the Atkins diet, I found that this is an eating plan that worked for me. Now, back when I first tried Atkins (and gave up) it was the days when the induction diet was all just bacon, eggs, chicken and cheese, no vegetables!

This is not something many people can stick to, so I skipped to the maintenance phase of keto/low carb eating and found that not only did I feel better, my weigh and blood sugar levels were always great at my doctor checkups. Given that my family has a history of diabetes, I liked this even more.

I decided to start From My Keto Kitchen as a separate page from Culinary Ginger because there is a different fan-base, if you will over there.

Here you will find all the low carb recipes I love to eat along with some of my tips and which products I like to use to keep my meals and snack to the recommended carbohydrate and protein ratios.

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